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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Fenix TK11 & Leather Sheath

Having heard a few good things about Fenix torches, when one became available secondhand at a reasonable price I jumped at the chance.

It came with a nice nylon carry case but as I've been making a few sheaths out of leather recently I decided to set about making my first leather torch sheath!

The Fenix torch isn't the same diameter all down the tube or end cap so that posed a bit of a tricky problem in making a suitable holder. I wanted a sheath I could wear as necessary on my belt but with a quick release option as when you sit down while outdoors, quite often these things can dig into your leg or hip, something I wanted to engineer a simple solution around. The dangler loop with suitable rivet solved the quick release problem.

I decided to use the same 3.5mm veg tanned leather I've been using for my belt sheaths and dark brown dye. Also I thought a belt dangler loop would be useful so it didn't dig in and something that could easily be taken off meant a suitable rivet and hole. I wet formed the leather and it seems to hold the torch quite well, allowing it to be held securely and operated without taking out of the sheath if required. It's finished with carnuba wax, buffed to a nice sheen.

It's my first attempt at a torch sheath so a bit of a learning curve. Once I get a chance to use the torch while camping, I'll post back here with a brief review.

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