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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Spyderco Bushcraft Knife Sheath

Spyderco launched a bushcraft knife earlier this year and I was lucky enough to pick one up recently. It's a beautiful design with spalted maple handles and made in 01 steel. It feels great in the hand and looks trult stunning, not to mention being razor sharp. One thing that I did want to change was the sheath, the original being a little wide for my camping trips and lacking a firesteel holder. So I set about making my own traditional bushcraft style sheath.

The process started with a template that I have used on other bushcraft knife sheath projects and that I modify to suit by eye. I then cut out the leather and two welts to provide the correct width for the knife handle (thick in this case) and to allow the firesteel loop to be added in. I use a selection of implements that are cheap but made for jobs such as stitch grooving, stitch marking and edge finishing. These small tools make the job of making a sheath much easier and were sourced from a company called Le Prevo.

Once the sheath leather is cut, the firesteel loop is wet-formed and the holes drilled with a 1mm bit on a press drill, the process of stiching and gluing with Impact adhesive begins. I prefer a snug wet-formed design, with a lanyard hole and belt dangler that allows you to sit down without the knife handle digging into your side.
I finished the sheath with Fiebings Dark Brown Leather Dye and a coat of carnuba wax. The knife fits in a treat as does the Light My Fire firesteel and can be turned upside down without fear of either falling out to the ground.
I'm looking forward to using this knife on my next camping trip.


  1. Nice work, Any interest in possibly making one for sale.

  2. Well done, sir. I like the double welt method you use. very clever. Thanks for posting; looks good.

  3. This is right nice. Love it.