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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Small Neck Knife in Camel Bone

For a good few months, I've been wanting to use bone or antler for a while on a project so decided to ask knife maker Mark (Hillbill) at British Blades for one of his pocket/neck knife blades to handle. Below you can see how the project started after I roughly cut the scales to fit, glued liners and drilled the holes for the pins.

The knife for this project is made from 01 steel, is 3mm thick, 5 inches overall length with a 2 inch scandi ground blade. It's handled in camel bone from Highland Horn with red liners and a lovely set of brass mosaics from Rob J Evs.

I really enjoyed putting this blade together with this jigged/dyed camel bone - it was a big learning experience and good practice when for when I finally get my hands on some of my dream knife material, Sambar Stag which this is supposed to be an alternative to.

The sheath was one I made a few weeks ago for another knife, actually a Driftwoodwalker Pocket Pal but fits this one perfectly luckily enough! The sheath has a firesteel holder and a few days after taking a photo of this knife I made a firesteel from the camel bone to match.