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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Buffalo Bushcrafter

I've been a quiet admirer of knife maker Stuart Mitchell's work for quite a while now and when one of his blades came up for sale I couldn't resist the handling opportunity! Stuart's knives are regarded as some of the best in the industry, being highly sought after and something I'd been looking at buying for a while.

This blade is 4mm 01 steel and with a slightly different "vibro" finish. Slightly hollow bevels with a mirror polished convex edge, a little different, well completely to the flat Scandi type grind I'm used to.

Buffalo is also another material I've been looking to use for a while and I sourced a few bits of extremely large buffalo from Highland Horn. At 15mm thick x 150mm long, I just wonder how big the buffalo was this set came from! Horn can be very tough stuff to work with but and I was quite surprised how transparent the buffalo can be in sunlight and the inherit natural flaws are just beautiful, well worth the effort.

With red liners and a coke bottle type profile as usual, the handle is finished to 600 grit then buffed up to a polish. Fellow British Blades member Marcus was very kind to supply me some of his excellent home machined nickel silver "corby" bolts and lanyard tube which were perfectly made I have to say.

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  1. that is a real beaut i hope its a user love the red liner from norca bushcraftuk